Why You Should Always Use Ice Packs After Orthopedic Surgery

With virtually any type of orthopedic surgical procedure there will be swelling at the site of the surgery. It doesn’t matter if you are having the procedure done on your knee, neck, elbow, you name it! There will be swelling of the surrounding muscles and skin.

In order to treat this swelling you must use ice for 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off. It’s just common sense. Here are some more important reasons that you should always cool the surgery site in recovery.

Customized Ice Packs Reduce Swelling

Obviously icing the site of the surgery will reduce the swelling. But how can you comfortably get this done without having to constantly hold a bag of peas on the area? Use a customized ice pack specifically designed to treat the problem area. There are a lot of products on the market that will treat all areas of your body.

Icing reduces tightness

Icing won’t only reduce the swelling, it will also reduce tightness in your muscles and shorten your recovery time. Just like how professional athletes sit in an ice bath to speed up recovery, you will be using ice to heal your knee, elbow, or wherever you had orthopedic surgery.

It will help with pain

Icing your wound will not only reduce the swelling and tightness, it will also numb the pain. If you have had orthopedic surgery recently then you know how painful the road to recovery can be. The hips, spine, and knees are especially painful because it’s a joint that you can’t really avoid using much of the time. Recovery can be quite painful and having the right ice pack for the job is essential.

Your surgeon told you to so listen!

Your surgeon certainly told you that you should be icing the site of the surgery. If you want this to be a more painful process than it should be then don’t listen. But if you want to speed up your recovery time, reduce tightness, and have far less pain without popping a t4 every 4 hours, then use a custom ice pack. You will only be sorry if you don’t.

Where can you get the best custom ice pack products?

If you are using a bag of frozen peas or corn you are wasting your time. You need something that will work during the long recovery process. Visit gelpax if you want to see all of the customized ice pack options for people in their recovery. Gelpax.com supplies to orthopedic clinics across North America so chances are if your doctor gives you a gel pack to use in your recovery, you are using one from gelpax.com.